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NCAA Athletics

National Collegiate Athletic Association

Learners that excel in athletics and want to become a student-athlete at the collegiate division I or II level must complete a certain number of core high school courses, have a grade point average of 2.3 (for DI)/2.2 (for DII), and an acceptable SAT or ACT score based off of the student-athlete grade point average in order to be eligible to participate in sports.  The graphics below illustrate those requirements for division I and II eligibility.  Further down the page are more resources to help understand the NCAA eligibility standards.

NCAA Downloads
  •    NCAA Clearinghouse Information Checklist for Students and Parents    NCAA Checklist
  •    NCAA PVHS Eligible Courses Tracking Sheet         Tracking Sheet
  •    NCAA Quick Reference Guide      Quick Reference
Please be sure to speak with your coach or the PVHS athletic director, Mark Grossman with specific questions regarding college recruitment, film for recruitment videos and athletic requirements.