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2022 Summer Virtual Course Information

Summer 2022

Virtual Courses



June 13, 2022 – July 22, 2022 (6 weeks) (New Courses for Credit)

  • At least three face-to-face virtual meetings required to be held on Google Meets

(June 13, July 11, and July 22 – specific time at the discretion of the course instructor)

  • Minimum of 3 students per class
  • Students receive same credit as the “live” course

Credit recovery courses (3 weeks – July 1 through July 22)

  • At least three face to face virtual meetings required to be held on Google Meets

(July 1, July 11, and July 22 – specific time at the discretion of the course instructor)

  • Minimum number of 3 students per class
  • Curriculum will cover most critical core content of the course
  • Because the credit recovery course is only 3 weeks in length and covers only the most critical core content, a D- grade will be used as the transcript grade if the learner passes the course.





Learners will be graded according to school district guidelines with the exception of credit recovery.  Credit recovery grades will be recorded as a D- if the learner passes the course. Learners still enrolled after the first day of class must complete the class in order to receive credit.  Learners who drop the course after the first week, or fail to meet course attendance requirements will receive an F as a final grade.  It is the responsibility of the learner to notify the facilitator within the first week of the course if they intend to drop the course.  Learners will earn .5 or 1 credit/course.  Grades will be added to learner transcripts by September 2022.


Learner Expectations:

Learners will attend class daily and/or maintain online, regular communication with facilitators.  Learners will complete work as outlined in syllabus and assigned by facilitator.  It is expected that Learners complete a minimum of 4 hours/day on course work.


Learner Conduct:

All district guidelines must be adhered to on campus and at off-campus sites, as well as in virtual meetings.


Learning Support:

Offered upon request. Contact Cathy Koenig, Director of Special Education Services at 717-768-5530.



Six-week course meeting all guidelines below - $0

Six-week course failing to meet guidelines below - $60

Three-week credit recovery course - $60

***Payments will be made to the Pequea Valley School District. Failure to pay for a course will result in the cost being added to learner obligations, which need to be met prior to graduation.

To earn a scholarship that results in the six-week course being free of charge, learners must maintain the following: 

  • attend all face-to-face sessions
  • stay in communication with facilitator
  • follow outline of course syllabus
  • earn a 70% (C) or better as a final grade
  • obtain facilitator signature/recommendation for scholarship
  • Credit Recovery courses are not eligible for this scholarship


If you have questions or concerns regarding summer classes, please contact the PVHS main office at 717-768-5500.